Susan Hall    BA(Hons), AET (Award in Education & Training)

Born 1965, Graduated 1988 Brighton Polytechnic, BA(Hons) Fashion Textiles and Business.

Between 1988 – 1995 Susan worked as a printed textile designer, in London for various studios, designing print for the international fashion market. Following this worked in furnishing textile design for Designers Guild then reverted back to fashion print at Alexon PLC between 2000-2008

In 2009, Susan began developing an idea she had for illustrating a children’s alphabet book, titled – ‘ABC Picnic’ (pub 2014) and combined this with time spent raising two children and re-discovering the fundamentals of painting and drawing. Her children’s book is currently undergoing a re-design and re-launch correspondingly.

Susan has worked in Adult Education in her town and has privately tutored art as well.



My landscape paintings are expressive impressions of places I’ve visited, each with varying degrees of abstraction. I sketch and take photographic reference of chosen places often in and around my local area of Northamptonshire, which has some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK. I am inspired by wind swept, cloudy skies and translate these using energetic gestures and mark making. I prefer to use mixed media, including acrylic, gesso and oil, on canvas, board or handmade paper, to develop scenes with light, tone and texture, that have atmosphere and depth. I also prefer to work in an experimental way, using interesting techniques. Spontaneity is key in the process, as it often brings unexpected results. Then it is a matter of responding to the effects achieved and building up layers for the desired result.

Floral still life

My love of natural forms and colour is at the heart of my still life paintings. I believe that nature provides the most beautiful and intriguing structures. Composition is important in my flower paintings and I prefer to use a challenging view or set-up. I will often place the flowers in glass vessels in order to see how the light refracts the stems and foliage in the water. In painting florals, I sometimes leave in the drawing marks and any drips and splashes are an added bonus. Textured, hand made paper makes an excellent surface for my floral subjects and along with a thinned application of oil paint it regularly delivers an interesting outcome.

Charcoal drawings

My large abstract charcoal drawings allude to natural forms with some aspect in the familiar. They also evolve naturally by application of swift, free marks, both with different drawing techniques and my hands. The process is a mindful act and is as important as the end product. I like to refer to them as my ‘Intuitive Drawings.’