All pendants contain original Susan Hall paintings or prints, mounted under glass. 4cm round/ 4x3cm oval/ 2cm square

Most designs are available in Silverplate, some Copper & Bronze plate. Prices range from £12, for a mini print design to £22 for hand painted.

How to order – 

1. Choose a desIgn below 

or commission one ( if marked – SOLD the design can be re-made to order indicating colour preference )

2. Choose a silver plate chain

From Left to right a) b) c) d) e)

a) beaded silver plate – 52cm (20inch)  

b) flat snake, silver plate 52cm (20inch)

c) fine chain silver plate 46cm(18inch) twisted rope, 40cm (16inch)

d) round snake, silver plate length –  46cm (18inch)  

e) twisted rope, silver plate 40cm (16inch)

3. email me your order  –      or      tel. 07771756375